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eyelashesDo you wish you had more time in the mornings? More time to spend choosing your wardrobe, more time with your family or simply relaxing before your day starts? The beauty of Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions is that it means you look your very best the moment you wake in the morning and you will continue to see the benefits of this treatment through the rest of your day. As we all know, when we look good, we feel good.

During your Semi-Permanent Eyelash Treatment I will expertly apply individual synthetic lashes to your existing lashes which will look and feel completely natural & weightless and reinvent your existing lashes. I have a vast selection of different lengths, thicknesses and curls, to suit everyone's individual needs and to create your desired effect.

The lifespan of your lashes depends on your own hair growth cycle and lifestyle. They usually regenerate every 4-5 weeks, so the false lash will only last as long as your natural lash does. Regular maintenance every 2-3 weeks is highly recommended and can extend the lash life to a few months. A fresh set is recommended every 10-12 weeks to maintain their healthy appearance.

Imagine the benefit of having your eye-lashes full of body all day long without ever having to apply mascara!

"Everyone can have beautiful Lashes"

Depending on the lash you go for, you can be natural and elegant, sexy and sophisticated or extravagant and glamorous. Whichever your preference, I will give you the lashes you have always dreamed of!

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